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Some of my costumes thought graphic design is my passion, living life in Russia, that is what I thought but I was mistaken There is no one answer to this question; for all of us, the answer is individual. What is your passion may be different than what someone else’s passion is? However, finding your passion can be a rewarding experience. It can give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It can also provide you with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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About Us

It’s hard to realize I thought I still don t know my passion. When I just came to the United States about five years ago that’s how I start searching for my dream job, I asked myself what is my passion in life.

Found my Passion In Life:

One day of my life a single day I that’s how I understand when I work with graphic design and started thinking design is my passion in memories shows up my own memorable experience:


Based on my passion meaning which describes by Google as: “a strong feeling or emotion” and most of my memorable events, I start thinking about how I feel excited about how are you discovering my passion.

Based on: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/passion Tweet
  • How I start designing the site of Roccoromas store if to be truthful I do not think my passion is graphic design. What do you think about phrase graphic design, it probably shows up in mind no matter what you think is a graphic design: clip art, or cartoon characters, or even social media memes. But if you think about graphic design memes when memes are your passion you looking memes on Instagram and find your passion. That’s how I found the support of friends and family as well as my career paths, so many times I work without a weekend and free time
  • For me, I do not think true passion for graphic design or original memes, or web design. Even I do not think my Roccoroma logo is a bad example of a graphic, but my memorable moment’s started about a year after when I start working remotely at Gary In. I think that’s what the word memorable means. For 3 months I work out of my comfort zone and filled work a “memory mindful” researching for competitive, designing sites. I hope you do not know how many times I felt stuck, but though my work is “worthy to be remembered very important”, I know I am concerned about the Strategist career.
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