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In my understanding, the job of a Brand storyteller is not the same as that of a designer who creates a logo. So what is brand storytelling, and how do SEO and storytelling skills benefit me?

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A Memorable Experience

To speak about my own memorable experience my story started not from SEO but from logo design. Creating logo concepts is the best part of the job of the strategist. The strategic part is injecting life into the logo design. 

What logos can I call memorable in my 2020 experience? 

It’s hard to say, but If I compile special moments of 2020 with my life experiences, all pieces of content would be connected with the importance of my family.

he best way to understand the meaning of memorable moments is to look for the definition of the term. In the Google SEPT: the definition, memorable days is understood as: “special or interesting enough to be easy to recall.” › memorable. Tweet
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learning2liveLiving2learn logo

Let’s get creative

What are the memorable days in my life during the pandemic? During 2020s I thought I was learning to live again, that’s how I started thinking about the  concept for the Remindable logo, as well as  first Squarespace portfolio examples. For me, it was a memorable experience when I set up a first client Squarespace account for one of the best grocery stores in Goshen NY as well as a logo design for Rocoroma and a family friend and a singer, Terri Hall, and for theartist Elena Blagoslavova. I also started learning WordPress and read much about storytelling in advertising. What is an example of logos Icreated during the days of the Pandemic? Site and brand storytelling for professprs Drs. Michael Edelstein and Ludmila Smirnova was my first unforgettable logo . That’s how  April 30, 2020 I joined a Squarespace circle and started working with Squarespace SEO. That was a memorable time. I started working with content marketing and website design of my own portfolio and Squarespace platform professionally.

In my career path, in the 2020s I started as an SEO strategist. The biggest part of my work was designing and branding identities. Actually, I dealt with the design using Squarespace as well as WordPress platforms and made logo design of products and services. Because of the Pandemic, many of us worked from home, probably one of the reasons family moments became an important part of my everyday life experience. So — what customs logo design did I have in the 2020? 

Now I can say I am a happy Squarespace customer, even in my work, not just in site design or development using Squarespace website builder; also, I am not a Squarespace logo maker; I am a storyteller or a strategist. 


Even though my family is not a part of my graphic designer job, during pandemic, they have become essential in my life experiences. 

For example, Ramadan’s memorable nights and days became the biggest part of my life and Roccoroma story

I am sharing the story of my understanding of the meaning of TGIF abbreviation in my life experience as a part of my design storytelling process. 

My mother and stepfather are college professors and “living to learn” is a story about their lives and work as college educators. 

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