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If you're looking to create a memorable brand story or just a site, Memorable design LLC and Squarespace Circle can help. As someone with a background in problem-solving and digital marketing, I had the pleasure of working on a Squarespace Circle project that focused on brand storytelling.
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Inspiring Brand Storytelling Examples

One of the brand storytelling examples I've worked on is for Roccoroma, a small Italian restaurant located in Orange County, New York.
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y problem-solving strategy started from Squarespace's platform, solving problems with other circle members: I start created a website that highlighted the restaurant's authentic Italian cuisine, warm and inviting atmosphere, and dedication to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Through stunning photos and engaging copy, I was able to capture the essence of Roccoroma and convey their story to potential customers.

What are the Squarespace circle benefits?

Squarespace Circle benefits are designed to provide exclusive perks and advantages to its members. One of the standout benefits is the generous 20% discount on all Squarespace subscription plans. This discount can significantly reduce the cost of building and maintaining a professional website or online store.

A Memorable Experience

Another brand storytelling project I worked on was for Goshen Public Library, a community hub for education, entertainment, and exploration. Using Squarespace’s platform, I created a website that showcased the library’s vast collection of books and resources, as well as its vibrant community events and educational programs. By telling the story of Goshen Public Library’s impact on the community, I was able to create a website that not only informed visitors but also inspired them to get involved.

Goshen public library

orking on these brand storytelling projects with Squarespace Circle was an excellent experience. Squarespace's platform provides various tools, like squarespace scheduling,  that make it easy to create compelling narratives that connect with your audience. Whether you're telling the story of a small business, a non-profit organization, or a personal brand, Squarespace's templates and features can help bring your vision to life.


Design Memorible

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One of the things that set Squarespace apart is its focus on design. As someone who appreciates good design and its impact on branding, I was impressed by Squarespace’s attention to detail. Squarespace’s templates are beautiful and easy to customize, and their design features make it easy to create a website that reflects your brand’s unique personality and style.

My experience working on brand storytelling projects with Squarespace Circle was fantastic. If you’re looking to create a memorable brand story for your business or personal brand, I highly recommend checking out Squarespace’s platform and the resources available through Squarespace Circle. With Squarespace’s design tools and support from the Squarespace Circle community, you can create a website that tells your brand’s story in a powerful and effective way.


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