In my portfolio, I will explain my understanding of the creative strategists' profession compared to marketing strategists. As for me, as a strategist work with social media, as well as digital marketing; that's how I make a great story, my evergreen content, the biggest part of my Branding strategist experience; What makes brand storytelling an essential part of the marketing campaigns and how do I use my portfolio and my brand?

Storytelling In Branding

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It’s 2022 already, and I am still searching for a strategist job in NYC, based on my own experience and social networks.

That's when I start researching what a strategist in advertising does.

So what is a strategist's job description Google SEPT explains the meaning of the creative strategist job description: this profession is responsible for “developing media strategies, often in marketing departments or for advertising agencies”, and “updating ad campaigns based on trends in the industry.” Tweet

The Power of a Call to Action

 That’s how my WordPress portfolio archive of creatives strategists connected with my audience has different themes:

  • For me as an artist, a WordPress archive page is very helpful to do an organic reach to understand what is my target audiences to drive traffic.
  • To get some traffic from my portfolio and organic post results, I need to research search terms and write content marketing articles.

That’s how I started working with brand awareness and searching for jobs in New York, NY, which is based on SEO or creative strategist job description; that’s how I started creating an online portfolio.

Based on the job description of Strategist, let's look at my portfolio: my job is developing “media strategies, often in marketing departments or for advertising agencies” even a strategist job is connected to the marketing goals of the company, what we are advertising if the strategy of brand s story is not discovered yet? come Tweet

Of course, social media platforms, as well as paid advertising, is very important, but unfortunately, it’s not the first job we need to start work with. 

How do we start advertising before we understand who is our costumes, target people? 

For example, if I start designing a blog or portfolio to show my skills or find a job, what kind of social media marketing strategy do I need to have? Even a strategist job description describes the job as advertising or marketing organic content I have nothing to advertise yet.

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