Is the world of Wow Warcraft Social Distance?

My own WOW undestading

I can say, as a SEO strategist, in this world of Pandemic, every day I am learning to live again, and again just because the rules are changing, I start researching the meaning of pollination. From day to day I am trying to understand am I alone in the world of changes. Probably we are living to learn, in a world of wow changes. I started reading worlds of wow reviews, researching, and life teaches us to survive in this world of changes.  That’s how I started my job as a strategist.

What is nyc port -authority

How to live alone in Wow World of Changes?

I came to the United States 3 years ago, with a strong understanding of SEO strategies. But I started adjusting to the new life. First, I learned  how to work with Wix, then mastered Squarespace platform and started building my  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Portfolio. Now I am learning WordPress. As well I set up my social media profiles and started looking for a job in the field of digital marketing, going to the meetings, events and meetups. I never thought of the fact that these days would be so important to me. 

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I want to share one of the most important days of my experience, the days of the Hudson Valley TechFest Hackathon in Newburgh, NY.  Why do I remember about it? Because yesterday was the first day of a Virtual TechFest Hackathon! It was an interesting and exciting experience.  Right now life is very different, we live in an online reality- everything is happening online: shopping, interacting with friends and family, visiting theaters, museums, etc. Thank god Internet! 

How we are living to learn?

 But as I remember, even a year ago as soon as I saw a job alert, I would happily sit on a bus, drive to New York and spend the whole day in Manhattan. That helped me understand how something local can be far from us in an online reality, and why I miss those days and real TGiF events . I never tasted a Fridays classic combo, or Buffalo Wings appetizers in TGiFridays restaurants.

That was one of the memorable moments I think of becoming a brand strategist and this is the brand message of my Remindable. P.S when I speak about TGi Fridays in this context I remind myself and you, my readers, a real definition of this TGiF abbreviation, which has nothing to do with a famous brand that is connected with a TGiFridays restaurant brand. It also reminds me of how far is tgi fridays from me even though it was Friday yesterday. I  just remember how we spent our family holidays and events, before the Pandemic started.

This year was different. 

  • We still order great food to pick up, sometimes from Alan’s Falafel or  Indian Cuisine from Saffron restaurant and eat it at home. 
  • We stop our holiday schedule for 2020, and even family events we are making outside with a social distancing.
  • Even though many restaurants are open for dine out right now, we prefer to pick up food, and eat it at home. It does not matter if it is a Halloween or a birthday party.
  • We spend time with the family shopping and picking products at a local Farmer’s market. 

We will probably skip Cyber Monday and will not visit Premium Outlets

Our life is like a computer game, the World of WaCraft which was my favorite when I was a child. On August 14, 2018 there was a product online role-playing game of my favorite childhood game which was called Battle for Azeroth.  Probably because of Blizzard Entertainment who was the (WOW) World of Warcraft game I fell in love with the cognitive strategies of thinking.


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