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When did we speak about the meaning of words; If not about values, then what are we speaking about? What is the meaning of the word “value?” Because I am an SEO Specialist, I know the best place where to research! Google Has it all:

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To begin with, Google describes this term as: “the regard” or “importance, worth, or usefulness of something. “ Then as “a person's principles” or Google actually asks what is “important” for you “in life.” So what is an SEO manager does? This person responsible for for optimizing websites to increase visibility on search engines and drive targeted organic traffic.

So, according to the definition, this term is very different for everyone. I can show you, my readers, the meaning of the term “value using my life example. Particularly using the Remindable SEO strategies based on the analysis of “TGi Fridays”. 

what is TGi

Fun Friday ideas for work, as Strategist:

That’s how I start working. 


Let me reveal the context as an SEO strategist first, explaining my profession as the definition from the Google SEPT.

My Fridays

Google defines Strategist-based definitions from Oxford Languages as ”a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics.” I am a specialist in the search results of my research that people search on Google.

Remindable SEO content strategy

Before coming to the United States, in Russia, I spoke a lot about content marketing, researching relevant keywords, results of  SEO metrics with Semrush keyword research tools, and discussing local search results with other SEO professionals. I thought about how Google described the value of content for web design. When I came to the US, and I started looking for a job in Social Media, I parallelly started writing my blog and working on creative director portfolio.

Benefits Of The Popular Acronym “TGIF”

What I realized then was that I had nothing to write about in my blog because I was new here. I could only discuss my experience with the job search, where I could show my skills via keyword research, as well as local SEO tools I used in my blog posts. That's how I start my first SEO keyword research in the USA

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How do I do Content Creation?

Hay Google:

Not Internet Slang

When I started my research, I saw many of my friends wished me a happy TGIF, thats how I started working with search engines. I realise before the weekend even started, frend said each other words such as good morning, TGIF. I became curious about what it was.  Based on my research, I found out that TGIF meant Thank God it’s Friday.  What I couldn’t understand about my two versions of Fridays in my job is a thicker reality,  one of them I call Fridays in Manhattan, NYC. I was actively wondering why they wished me a happy Friday to me, a job searcher who sometimes has 7 Fridays in a week to prepare for the next job interview in the SEO industry. Or weekend meetups in Manhattan NY, the time we spent together with friends,  which I miss at some point right now. I am wondering what the meaning of TGIF is for other business people. It looks like in this busy life; we forget what really matters. And now, after having stayed at home for five months, it is I have started finding keywords such as   TGIF rewards, find local keywords, and Friday’s locations.

That's how I started searching for a job based on: the SEO job description, as well as working with Orange County search engine optimization of my portfolio 

sad to find out even more when Google and my SEO knowledge remind me that TGIF is just a brand, which is not important at all for me.

TGi Values Amazing

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Think about #black_friday
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