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WoW what does TGiF mean in a world of Pandemic


We live in reality when the meaning of words is changed, so think with me wh what does WOW mean, or TGi in 2020?

What is TGIF mean for me as for Strategist, is this just simply the day of the week, just Fridays? 

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Night 2023

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Even the full meaning of the TGIF abbreviation is really different from what I see in the search of Google results. Let's talk about the weekend and Fridays. Before the Pandemic, I thought that Friday would be a perfect holiday for all of us, and believe me it was, even though I spend all weekend with family and friends I love. As for 2020s, the year was really unusual, let's think about holidays:

+ positive thoughts
If you remember before the pandemic started people dreamed of success many of us start the day with motivation and good morning quotes about life.
+ good morning Fridays
hats your happy Friday quotes are speaking about?

Before we think, "It's Friday! Time to go make stories for Monday." now it looks like Friday is just a regular day.



T.G.i.f meaning
01 January 2023

Ramadan night before wishing you good night, or lovely Friday, at the end of the week who gave you TGIF gift card with holiday card message or positive inspirational morning quotes

  • Before the 2020s I thought every season brought us a holiday which was associated with some attributes. Of course even this year we wish each other Zoom a merry Christmas and a happy new year, but after a year at home, the holiday season fills in for all of us. 
  • What happy holiday messages do we wish for each other when we stay at home because Pandemic comes? Only a year ago we thought we were living in the best place and now many of us look unhappy, during holidays we wish each other a lot of love.
  • Do you remember a year ago we  wished you happy holidays; we thought a year bright us not one happy holiday season, for everyone. But Fridays as well as holidays time of the year, were the 2020s happy and peaceful for everyone?
  • This year, who will give you laser cut paper art or happy holidays greeting cards for the 2020s birthday, or Friday night Ramadan? During this year  we wish health happiness online,  writing cute things to write on a birthday card, Ramadan cards, children drawing with love funny images and sending them to our friends and family or left at the door in masks. I just remember how beautifully detailed laser cut specialty paper, which we made.
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