The Benefits of Using WordPress Categories

A long time ago I started working with categories and tags in WordPress, reading how WordPress categories vs tags could benefit me as a search engine optimization strategist. For example, when I create my first category page I do not know what kind of problems I will have with duplicate content in post categories and how to rename the default category URL.

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To understand how to resolve these issues I started reading up on SEO best practices and how to optimize my category pages.

To avoid these issues, I have done a lot of research to make sure I am prepared for any problems that might arise.

  • How about creating categories and issues with WordPress’s primary category?
  • How to convert categories to tags, chose child category

The first site which I designed based on categories was a contemporary art portfolio for Elena Blagoslavova, make a research for Warwick NY wineries

How I Switch From Squarespace To Wordpress

I set up my first Squarespace account more than four years ago; not so long ago, I started this WordPress site; understanding the benefits of each CMS, my research I stat as the question, should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

Even for me, Squarespace, one of the best website builders, when it comes to moving to WordPress, I found many issues :

  • When I first time installed WordPress, I realized I needed to buy a custom domain. Now I knew first I needed to choose web hosting, as I read nothing easier run importer; but  I found a lot of issues with importing content. 
Why broken truck

How do I design the Site of Truck Repair Services?

Design of Our Services Home services All the Tiers & Truck Treatments You Need Truck Trailer Repair Make It SEO Friendly As an SEO specialist, I work with two CMS as Strategist WordPress and Squarespace comparing Squarespace vs WordPress SEO tips, my job understands the benefits. Of course, my work with a truck tire repair

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WoW Face Emoji Meaning In Life, and Social Media :

What Emoji ? Faces Meaning Based on different understandings of creative strategist work with different aspects of WoW for example face emoji: additional emoji with open eyes describing as, “attract a guy without talking” Ruslan Smirnov, based on, Tweet contact us Hi, I am WoW Strategist Why Face, Open Mouth? WoW face mask emoji

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My own ramadan in 2021

What does a brand strategist do during 2020s?

How to start Ramadan if you are Strategist? As a brand strategist, my work involves understanding brand strategies and communicating with graphic designers; the essence of a brand to its audience. When the pandemic hit, it forced many of us to rethink our approach to marketing and communication. It was a challenging time, but it

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