Tthe best moment during the Pandemic:

What is your most memorable experience, as a Strategist, During the 2020s?

What memorable moments of my life do I see in our daily reality? To start with, I am an SEO strategist, as well I am an artist. I came to the United States 3 years ago with a strong background in digital marketing, I started searching for a job as an SEO specialist, a Storyteller, or a Brand Strategist. I live in Goshen, NY. Where can I find it as Goshen is not a huge city like New York? Before I came to the United States I successfully helped my customers design the sites, created logos, and helped local businesses grow with search results. I knew, with 20 years of experience back in Russia, my customers could easily find my address and phone number in search engine results, and on my portfolio site; my blog posts were popular, but now I am here, call me now or shoot me a message if you need my help.

What is most memorable event, which I really miss ?

That’s how I started my research for the job based on the organic search results, search engine rankings as well of Hudson valley events this weekend :

  • I thought there would definitely be a lot of jobs in Legoland which plan to open near Goshen NY.  That’s option one, I thought it would be good to apply and work in tandem with such a company. According to research at Legoland California, I find many jobs for creative professionals.
    I also help with Local Hackathons in Hudson Valley in Newburgh, NY. My guest volunteering experience in the Hack event gave me the opportunity to understand the job applications system in the United States. Right now I am with keyword research a Hackathon, as well farmers markets.
  • From what I saw without Social Networking, or without a portfolio it is impossible to find a job, near Goshen NY. I started working with my Social Media profiles and learning CSS, WIX, and Squarespace, now I started developing WordPress CMS as a Goshen SEO expert, but as soon as I show a job alert, in my Linkedin account I start planning to go to Manhattan, NYC.
  • I thought many answers as an SEO consultant I find at the Squarespace forum using my knowledge at search engine optimization (SEO) and Creative Cercle benefits.

How I get better at storytelling?

Everything was amazing, this was a great story:

my LinkedIn Network and Portfolio stats growing, 
I work in tandem with creative recruiters, 
I am constantly searching for a job in Legoland discovery center. 
Until the Pandemic broke/ ruined all my plans: no Legoland jobs near me, until probably next summer.

  • No events and meetups, my Hackathon guest experience is only online.
  • Most jobs titles speak about social media marketing, small businesses are strangling.
  • I patiently wait, for the virtual Hackathon, this Friday was the day of my experience. I hope this event gives me some project ideas for the research and the possibility to analyze events’ organic traffic.

Our story about

What makes you a better storyteller?

halloween ? 2020

If you want to be a good storyteller in the field of design: 

  • First, start thinking about your strategy,
  • Start blogging and work in tandem with creative people. What does tandem mean, in my case, it doesn’t mean you always work for money.
  • If readers read the Google definition of tandem, it says: “alongside each other; together.”
  • For me the great analogy of tandem is family bicycles, this would be a Remindable symbol of the term.

In the case of work, good things behind the story: 

  • I have an excellent portfolio in Squarespace, 4 sites in Square circle in progress,
  • With the Pandemic my SEO strategy and local SEO strategy have more value.
    • I started learning WordPress,  and working with page SEO

    I am prepared for the next step. Right now I work with Semrash SEO services, analyze data of the hackathon recruiting, as well as my portfolio sites. That’s how local hackathon projects become one the best memorable events of 2020


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