What are Some of the Most Memorable Days, What I love?

I started my search engine optimization and brand strategist career path more than 20 years ago; I ran the Bearded PR SEO studio. Work with professional SEO copywriters; start building a personal brand; my clients usually asked for a logo, a graphic, or site design, and what I noticed was many of them did not know what the brand message was. They couldn’t grasp the entire concept or understand the whole picture. Now I live in the United States, and start writing content about my unforgettable memories with friends. There are a lot of famous brands; I thought the situation with logo design would be different here. But not many clients see the difference between the design and branding.

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For example, creating a personal branding strategy for the Remindable Studio brand: what message does the word “Remindble” have?

Remindable Definition & Meaning

That's what I am thinking, when I am building a brand identity, actually, the Remindable, by itself, looks like it has no sense at all. According to one of the Google searches, remindable is “using as an idea to indicate that there is a greater amount of something than before or than average, or than something else”

"dictionary".reverso.net/english-cobuild/more+remindable Tweet
my memorable moment

As for me, it’s not just naming some memories... If to think deeper “ the prefix, Re-” using as “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward”

www.dictionary.com › browse › re Tweet


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Remindable Studio

How I personalized My brand

Re-mind in particular means to repeat minds, is it possible?

beatles mamories

It reminds me of the childhood memories my mother bought me a player - of course, not mp3, as many children have at home, it was a tape recorder, so to repeat a song I use the button, and the tape makes “blum, blum, blum”, now I can understand the words plays backward.

I was listening again and again “ the Beatles' words “We all live in a yellow submarine, Yellow submarine, yellow submarine “ Probably science that time I was inspired by the context of memorable songs of the Beatles, such as “Imagen”, “Yesterday”....

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My memoized songs

I was listening again and again to “ the Beatles” words, “We all live in a yellow submarine, Yellow submarine, yellow submarine “  Probably science that time I was inspired by the context of songs by the Beatles, such as “Imagen”, “Yesterday”….  Unfortunately, I can’t repeat these moments all I have my memories and feelings, but I can show it in the Remindable brand.

Let’s look at the brand identity definition. Google defines this term as “ visible elements of a brand” describes it as, “color, design, and logo”

based on www.investopedia.com › Business › Marketing. Tweet

 I can’t agree with the idea of visualization. In my understanding, every graphic design has a message behind the picture. For example, I can illustrate it with the logo of “Apple.” It will not be so famous without a fruit bite in the logo. Behind the bite, I see high-quality marketing communication. So the designer used a brand strategy.

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What is your favorite memory about ice cream?

That's what my customized experiences about: I am not a child anymore, I still remember these days. That's what I call memorable memories, remembering childhood memories of my life. That was one of the reasons why I remember only my own favorite childhood memories, here are mine:

  • Of course, you can’t believe it. During my childhood I never tried babe ice cream, never saw an ice cream truck. You thought my childhood was unhappy, believe me, it’s not.
  • Even during my childhood, I did not have a lot of choices of ice cream, I still remember the taste of one, I think the name was “Plombir ice cream”.  I think since that day I love the taste of ice cream, and terms naming by itself.
  • Kass drink and my favorite ice cream, and meal Glazunya from the word glaz, which means eye, or Okroshka are very memorable in a sense.
  • It’s strange but one of the most memorable moments I have here, which mixed with my childhood memories.  I remember some of my memorable moments in life examples by heart, like childhood was yesterday.
  • I ask myself who was the target audience or potential customers of this Icecream, Russian Kvass drink of course during that days no one knew in USSR such successful brands as Coca Cola we have slow internet no possible was research it?
My own taste
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My own childhood
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My own kvass-memes
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kvass meme

Coca-Cola in Russia vs. selling kvas in the U.S

what is kvass, not a Coca-Cola drink?

Believe it or not, as ice cream, kvass drink was my favourite, during childhood.

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Lett's look to Urgent! Remote seo jobs:

My own memorable time in the U.S. started on the bus on the way to NYC.

Most importantly, my memorable moments refer to my trips to NYC when I applied for a job as a user experience designer. Right now, I work remotely in Gary, Indiana. Still, during that time, on the bus, I was reading a book or, taking photos to remember the place, thinking about my friends’ quotes, or sketching ideas for a logo design of my clients, in a way to NYC, the ideas got easier and what does passion do. But the logo of the food store Roccoroma, I draw at home, it reminds me about skerry times of Social distancing.  FOR EXAMPLE, as I remember, I read the book or searched on Google information about such a platform as Semrush, which introduced to me  Yulia Ovchinnikova, who invited me to Hackathon; I just remember this book about SEO. I even forget the titles and author name. But my feelings about this time changed my everyday reality now, I find this photo on Google or in my Facebook memories. I am using this photo, as an example of user research, in my portfolio. 

What are the Brand and the Strategy?

I am responsible to
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