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walmart near middletown ny

Events at Walmart in Middletown, NY

If we try to memorize all Orange County events during this weekend, it’s hard to remember one, most family-friendly celebration during a pandemic, not public.

morning TGI my work


I  have trouble memorizing when you are working during Christmas at the Walmart in Middletown, New York, but thanks God it’s Fryday my 3 month probation period, are past. 

3 month probation period

That’s how I start researching what types of jobs are available in Orange County and what I find on Google. Looks like the jobs in Orange County are everywhere, Project Team Specialist is needed at Best Buy.

Goshen public library

About Us

What memorable events can we find in Orange County, NY, even such a weekend event as the farmers market closed in Goshen after Thanksgiving? Even if it’s the holiday season,  we are already missing live music, and many restaurants in Orange County, New York, advertising only catering services.

About my job

Looks like right now, the most popular jobs in Orange County, NY include software developer, accountant, registered nurse, project manager, accountant, sales representative, administrative assistant, customer service representative, marketing manager, and network engineer; but I am a specialist in SEO

Even though I opened my own company in Goshen and also worked at the Walmart in Middletown, NY, I am researching opportunities for Orange County employment

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