Hire Me To Research Your competitor


Basically, I can say most SEO strategy is based on a competitive industry. Not once as an SEO specialist have I needed to choose for my client site Squarespace or WordPress, what a Smrush tool I usually use for Semrush trends I use for such analysis; how to do a competition analysis in SEO, for example, a WordPress website to Squarespace website builder?

Why I migrate Squarespace to WordPress?

For me, competitor analysis in SEO is the first tool I started using to rank the top keywords of my portfolio: that's how I started blogging on Squarespace (my analysis is based on my content strategy as well as competition target keywords of my competitor's) I was writing about WordPress plugins which I am using to rank higher.

  • That’s how I realized when I did competitor analysis of specific keywords at my Squarespace site how competitor ranks in a circle.  For example, when I wanted to understand how to migrate WordPress sites, I made analyzed web hosting plans. 
  • In my first blog posts based on competition keywords, I found the difference between WordPress vs Squarespace plugins. Even my portfolio site I started from research plugins for Squarespace; that’s how migrated Squarespace to WordPress.
  • Trying to understand how to build custom category templates and WordPress category pages I built my first portfolio site.
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