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That’s how I realize what is the meaning of WOW for me as for Squarespace circle member, as well as a Strategist.

During that time As Squarespace customer WoW factor was not just 20 discount, or 6-month it was “a quality or feature” and simplicity “that is extremely impressive” or even a a “sensational success”.of Squarespace platform.

Our story

About the brand

That’s how I design a WordPress site with works of contemporary female artists, one best storytelling podcasts, using the Squarespace content management system.

That’s how I start work as a Squarespace SEO expert, as well as digital marketing.

Only now do I realize what is the value of URL slugs for search engine optimization and  SEO for Squarespace.  how does Squarespace work: what is a URL slug? For me, it’s not just a part of the URL, as for many website designers;   WordPress vs. Squarespace experienced users know the difference. For me, as for experience Squarespace circle member, the slug is the part of the page or post URL It’s not enough to optimize your site, just use the right keywords on the site title and meta descriptions of your web page. 

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