Peace Action: No more war, Today

war and peace today
war and peace today

It's 2022 Create Your Own Custom Poster

As a Strategist, I started creating my portfolio website with the statement, “A strategist does not just create a graphic poster….” Every goal, site or graphic design, or custom poster design stat from strategy.

This strategy then is thoughtfully executed to create the most effective design of  no more war posters possible to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

The end result is a poster when the world beyond war, a series that will effectively convey the message of peaceful coexistence and end the war for good.

Creating an Outstanding successful SEO, Artist Portfolio

For me, 2020 is an unusual year. Many of us spend time at home, designing, drawing, working with graphic art, and thus, in many cases, growing professionally. That’s how I started collaborating with one of the advertising partners of Contemporary art, Elena Blagoslavova, to design her portfolio of art.

peace over war

My definition of memorization

just stop war

I thought this year was very memorable for all of us! For me, memorable means something special and different after 2020.

According to Google, the meaning of a memorable is expressed as: “Something that is memorable is worth remembering or likely to be remembered because it is special or very enjoyable.”

no more war
a world beyond

How does Design respond to a World-Changing?

On one side, I thought 2020 was special in a dangerous way. At the same time, I started enjoying the things we did not have time for, before: 

I came to the United States from Russia almost 5 years ago. To start with, I understood right away that it was not possible to leave here without a job, but did not even think it would be so hard to find it. Because of my professional background, I thought it could have been perfect: I am an SEO expert, a designer, and a specialist working with content marketing. But it took me a while until I got the first offer.

I know a lot about digital marketing, I felt I should focus on growing my SEO skills, and I started thinking about the concept I would use to name, researching graphic design trends post covid for the site portfolio.

Make art not a war poster

I have two portfolio sites created on two different platforms. My portfolio sites today have more than 300 pages that are devoted to SEO tools, as well as design, art, and research poster design.

These pages represent my thinking about the pandemic time today and also incorporate different content.


art not war

Based on the quote from the book from, Book by Sun Tzu “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” many of us still ask the question why is Russia going to invade Ukraine?

Creating an Outstanding successful SEO, Artist Portfolio

My portfolio site, as well as an idea of posters, right now is about: pandemic life, “War and Peace”  characters today.

Today, all of us are focused on the topics of “War and Peace” because we started the new 2022 year with the war between Russia against Ukraine. How do make art, not war shirts, like graphic design, poster inspiration, showing the reality on eye-catching posters

Russia attacks ukraine

Russia Ukraine war

Some of drawing no more war posters; today's strategy in the world and graphic poster design looks different from Soviet posters, but the symbols are still the same. Of course, the world today is too different

peace vs war

How do artists today, show their fillings in art print, and design as well as wall art that is the question of artist portfolio?

Designers now creating a poster about: Putin vs Zelensky,  war vs peace, how graphic designers, bloggers who different creating social media accounts, SEO specialists, using SEO strategy, as well as keyword research, and Google analytics, express their fillings, drawing organic traffic to the blog posts, about our day “War and Pece” story? Bloggers writing social media content, designers with social media graphics, artists creating an artist portfolio website. I can’t say I am a professional blogger or social media post creator, I show my fillings with web design, using SEO and design skills, or as a professional artist.


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