What Is The Power of Creative Storytelling?

What is the meaning of Creative storytelling for artists and  SEO or Creative Strategists who started designing portfolio websites when the pandemic started? The art of using words and other elements to create a story that is both entertaining and engaging.

The definition of a Creative Strategist profession is based on Google “marketing professional who focuses on improving a company's overall marketing and advertising plans” during a pandemic advertising stopped working.

That is what I understand designing a digital art portfolio and advertising art and web design on social media. How do I become a Creative Strategist, and what strategy of portfolio and how I start my artist's blog?

When I started my digital art portfolio,  it was a creative process based on the comparative analysis I started researching two CMS to choose, Squarespace vs. WordPress.

  • First, I started researching art portfolio ideas inspired by the work of artist  Elena Blagoslavova how to make a portfolio for art? I tell a story about Coco Shanel, Man Ray.
  • My story is based on art prints posters about War and peace stories between Ukraine and Russia.
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