How Good is a Career in the Branding and SEO industry?

I am a creative strategist, I am also an experienced SEO strategist as well as an artist. In my portfolio and my blog posts, I want to speak about the value of relevant content for my clients. It was more than 20 years ago when I started my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) career. I owned a graphic design company “Bearded PR.” The first name of the company was different, it was based on the idea of business storytelling. 

Bearded Men

Company Logo with Image & Bearded Style

If based on Google SEPT feature we research a beard meaning “a growth of hair on the chin and lower cheeks of a man's face.” Definitions from Oxford Languages

My own bearded design

Bearded Call to Action

Actually, I named it “Design History”, my brand messaging was “ everything is the story or a history”, my targeted keywords were: graphic design a new history, as well a piece of content about beard I love a lot.

Right now I grow very different organic traffic for myself but in my organic search results, customers still finding keywords associated with long beard styles.

My Own Elements SEO Campaign:

The main specialization of my business was web design, which was based on content strategy, and link building. At that time, finding relevant keywords and ideas was quite easy, just because search engines were not so complicated. I really mixed these keywords with the company name, design logos, and sites using 1C Bitrix as a CMS, which was only part of my SEO strategy. I helped my clients to sell their products, and services, as well as content creation. Of course, at that time I could not even think what TGIF or  WoW abbreviations were.  It does not mean I could not use those words in creative ways. That's how SEO content creation, helps drive traffic to your website. On the other hand, intuitively and artistically, I was using graphics and color patterns, and movement in my designs for the clients, as well as on the company’s social media pages.

Bearded_PR logo and brand

Portfolio Website And Elements Inspire You

Only when I came to the United States and finished the UX design course at General Assembly, did I start understanding what UX was and what SEO meant, and how to use tools and research in digital marketing. That's how my knowledge of local SEO at User experience, to find myself as the SEO consultant. Till the present day, I am enjoying online presence, that's how I become New York Seo consultant
My own laser cut wood art

What is mine TGIF Social Media Abbreviation?

I also started studying WordPress and Squarespace and building my creative strategist portfolio. That was my plan to start building my own SEO campaign, the idea of using my network and content strategy to find a job grew when I came to the United States.  I remember that day when I started my job search for an SEO specialist, or find one of the creative strategist jobs. Usually, I planned events and interviews in NYC on Fridays, I never thought I would miss thousands of Linkedin job alerts, as well as my trips to New York would come to an end. As I remember, it was  March Friday morning, I became a Brand Strategist, in Goshen NY, at a local food store RoccoRoma. That’s probably one of the reasons why TGIF abbreviation became so memorable to me. Most of my design adventures happened on Fridays. I have never been to Friday’s US restaurant chain. Nobody told me what TGIF means. 

 I have never been to Friday’s US restaurant chain. Nobody told me what TGIF means, but that’s how Friday’s become one of the targeted keywords I use very often when I create content for myself. That’s probably why I started searching for SEO companies to show my skills in SEO content creation. Only at the end of 2021 trying to find remote job opportunities to be one of the freelancers New York SEO consultants I start my work at Gary IN


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