What Emoji 😮 Faces Meaning

Based on different understandings of creative strategist work with different aspects of WoW for example face emoji: additional emoji with open eyes describing as,

“attract a guy without talking”


Hi, I am

WoW Strategist

Why Face, Open Mouth?

My own WOW undestading
WoW face mask emoji

Jake Huxly

Before we start speaking about my creative strategy, let’s understand what does WoW stand for

How to describe or different word for WoW?

Based on my understanding it’s not just simply a slang term, depending on the target audience.  For gamers, or computer programmers, this abbreviation of Strategic game, or in the film industry a movie World Of Warcraft. When I am working with innovative solutions as well as a creative marketing strategy the WoW factor is a famous marketing term.

emoji of strategist

When it comes to the WoW factor, my focus is on creating a unique solution that engages users and helps to build a strong relationship between customer and product. It is important to ensure that the user experience is smooth and effective. Additionally, I use a combination of traditional and modern marketing techniques to help create an effective WoW factor that will help boost customer engagement and loyalty.

Because creative strategists typically work with google analytics as advertising campaigns, as well as market research, how do I start this job?


is CPS? I Follow

I have never worked in the United States with advertising agencies. The first site I made was my Squarespace portfolio; to find a job as an SEO specialist, I thought that was the solution to a problem to grow myself as an SEO strategist. Because of my background, I thought I knew a lot about search engine optimization, as well I got a lot of creative problems solving (CPS) skills with the UX design General Assembly course.

Am I a Strategist?

Do you think that’s how I  become a strategist? No, I am not. That will be a place for 😱 Face Screaming in Fear, emoji I do not know a lot about how American Business works differently, as well as resume, as job applications optimized for ATS format. As my potential solution to build my portfolio site I found a lot of mistakes in the Squarespace platform, that the first question I ask in the Squarespace forum is how to build a sustainable future if everything is so tricky and expensive in the United States? Support recommended a Creative Circle, as I thought for me it will be a way not just to get my discounts, but also to grow professionally, with Squarespace.

The problem: to become a part of Circle I need to have 3 sites, that’s how I started a Sustainable education site with teachers of my MSMS, as well as Ramapo College and our learning2liveliving2learn branding. Wow, that’s how we solve problems, but if we talk about business strategies, many think about sustainability practices, that’s how we identify the problem. 

Top WoWo news


What about the problem-solving process and how to use sustainability strategies as a part of a brand? My goal was to solve it as a part of the Creative Circle space. I thought I will use the power of storytelling as a long-term benefit of my portfolio site.


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