SEO Basics: A FAQ Guide

As an SEO strategist, my portfolio site is not just a showcase of my work, but also a representation of my brand identity. To enhance my site’s user experience, I have included a FAQ page that provides answers to common questions related to SEO. I have carefully chosen these questions based on my research and knowledge to help visitors understand the meaning of SEO-friendly and other related concepts. While there are many site builders available, I prefer Squarespace for its flexibility and ease of use. However, each business has unique needs, and I research and find solutions based on their requirements. Setting up SEO on a Squarespace site starts with structuring data and creating a sitemap file. Finally, the success of any website depends on its basic structure, and my job is to help clients with the right strategy to improve their site’s ranking factors and user experience.

My first job as a strategist was in Gary, Indiana; as I remember, I stayed a week at the Gary Indiana hotel, a mind-creating experience. This year is very different from what I even thought it could be for me as a person, a designer, and as an SEO strategist.  That’s why the value of all memorable moments is very important and meaningful for me. I thought the memorable moments meant different for all of us; This was my first memorable experience; it’s unusual that when I just started working with my portfolio website, I researched all my content marketing, using my favorite keyword magic tool, on the way to NYC on a bus. That’s how I realized what Semrush is used for; with tools, I can optimize a page on your site.

 Now even the traffic on my site is very different because we all work from different places, and many of us work from home.

What is the value of a portfolio site of an SEO from the point of view of a brand identity? The idea of common questions in a brand strategist portfolio site is to share or deliver my understanding and strategic ideas as an answer.

It was a memorable experience to work with TTR during that times  Google’s algorithm was changed every day.

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Usually, the strategic meaning of FAQ pages is to give users important information about a business site. But what is the idea for a strategist portfolio?

Frequently Asked Question is a phrase that represents a list of questions and answers on the online store site that usually gives the site users a general view of the site an explanation of the meaning of the rules or its abbreviations.

How do I choose questions for my website?

Even though I can get traffic on my site, my knowledge influences not only the organic traffic or the graphic design; my job is to help the visitor of the site to understand the meaning of the word “SEO friendly”, that's how I prepare a list of keywords. Using Google analytics. I can help you understand not only what platform is better to use for your website but also why your site is not growing in the Search Engines’ results. Different sites need different SEO strategies.

What kind of site builders are good for SEO?

can't speak about all CMS; as for me, my first portfolio site was on WIX; I can't say it’s not possible to optimize it for the search engines’ results, but the reason I changed it to the Squarespace site was because of many code mistakes, which users do not see.

What kind of platforms are good for working with small businesses’ sites?

Alist I need to find and solve the issues. Other than that, the site grows pretty fast until Google finds a bad link in the blog post tags that changes all my daily routine experience. Most site builders have issues with duplicate content; based on my customer experience,

As I remember the day when I started my research, I was asking the question - what kind of site builders will be beneficial for my customers' sites?

It was the day when I started my research experience, and this is my answer for the clients, I do not find such things as SEO-friendly site builders for all clients’ needs. My job as an SEO strategist is to research and find an issue that is important and right for YOU.


Until now, I have tried to find an answer to the question: what kind of business do you call small? For example, I have great results of costumes with the Squarespace websites. I thought of this platform as a good one as it fits many of my needs. 

But day after day for quite a while, I have been trying to find answers to the issues in a Squarespace Circle Forum. 


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