• Russia Ukrainian War, What’s The Reminder Meaning??

    2020 things that happened to me

    Why have many of the major events of 2020 become online or even canceled; what 2020 things that happened to me?

    As I remember looking forward to the beginning of the 2020s, it’s hard to understand what is going on this life reminds Kin-Dza-Dza move which I remember from my childhood

  • May 2020 events remind me Online USSR

    What a a memorable event in my life I have during that time I cant even remember. My current events and topics that are relevant to what is happening in 2020, remind me my childhood .
  • Russia Ukrainian War, What’s The Reminder Meaning??

    Top 10 Most Memorable Events That I have today?

    I had a talk about Russian president Vladimir Putin and Ukrain with a very interesting person Aleksandr Molochnikov ( Александр Молочников).
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