Portfolio Page Ideas for JD Consignment & Cell Phone Repair Store

SEO expert, a year ago  I opened, a web design agency in Orange County NY now started designing a site for store offers, such as screen replacement, battery replacement, water damage repair, and more. I start during the time of Broadway Shows and Halloween parties, based on Google my business of customers Include before-and-after photos of successfully repaired devices to showcase your expertise and quality of service.

For us who come to the United States, from other places the times of Halloween parties ideal time for sales things which not usually are not important. As an example how to buy tickets to  Broadway Shows these days, you wait for the deals online, that’s how you buy a tiket to the best shows available these days

Web Design

New creative directors’ vision

Another example is the Groove dance poster design, which I designed for my mother’s class at Chester, during these days I printed it with a big discount.


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