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Where we Buy Italian Pasta Online, in Roccoroma, or Kwik Stop, Rosita Grocery Store?

I live in Goshen NY in a world where competition is everywhere, especially because we are under pressure from pandemic small businesses that should act and think defiantly, inspected by the county I started to research.  As a Strategist, I take as an example a local grocery store, in Goshen, comparing an Italian grocery store in New York vs farmers’ markets in OC (Orange County, if we look at google maps, what competition do we have here?

italian restaurant
Not farmers market OC

Where we Buy Italian Pasta Online, in Roccoroma, or Kwik Stop, Rosita Grocery Store?

Local search results of food stores around my location show; I probably ll find a lot of options for prepared foods;

there are 5 stores in Goshen compared to Italian restaurants in Manhattan NYItalian grocery stores: Roccoroma, Kwik Stop Food Store, Rosita’s Fruits, And Vegetables, just open True Vine Premium Produce, Mexican food Goshen NY. Custom memorabilia Goshen plaza, and Lemonchelo restaurants which sell Italian cuisine reopen soon. If you have a question where to buy kohlrabi, fresh produce, fruits nuts, and vegetables, at Fridays farmer who sells at the farmers market, will close this option in winter times.  Every store and cafe near Goshen, NY use Grubhub, and Doordash delivery service.

Italian cuisine Restaurants in New York

Compare to Orange County Farmers Markets:

As a person who works a lot with the local SEO strategies, what benefits do I see in research for memorable stores? I can’t say we buy Italian food, a lot, but this is not an option, all grocery stores in Italian or Mexican, as well as Italian cuisine in Goshen, Fridays delivery is not far; that’s why the Italian food menu is very popular. How possible not to buy it if we have 5 pizzas in Goshen NY, 4 grocery stores are Italian? As for local farmers, many of though have shared membership at summer times.

Only one food store has a site, that’s why the question of where to buy Italian products online, for me as an SEO strategist, is very reasonable. My job as a Strategist is not just keywords research, and optimizing your website for search engines, but also structure connections.

  Three other stores probably sell goods from the Facebook pages or do not have online solutions at all.  What problem do I see here now? The pandemic caused changes in the food industry, these changes are not just about social distancing and wearing masks. Little businesses are closing every day. People are tired of being scared, they are still trying to social distance themselves. But only successful brands will probably survive. Even pizza places,  as well restaurants in New York, have a catering menu in Goshen NY.   Even in the farmer’s markets that are running in the open space, you can observe significant changes. Local search rankings site very differently, for example, we have an Italian food store, catering options, for local customers but we are using it for food delivery in Goshen NY? If before the pandemic to rank the site for the local keywords  I need just use in the title just address and phone number, with code of Goshen (845) 294-1884, now this strategy does not really work.

store logo design

What do I need for SEO local business?

I am working with the site of the Roccoroma Food market, from what I see if you look at a service business before the Pandemic time, local content acts really differently in search results. Reflecting changes in the industries, Google is changing as well! To rank a local business in search results I should start THINKING not only about aspects of design right now but also about, the POS system of the store, how all site pages are mobile-friendly, and many other problems which are not visible at all. Many of those problems do not help to the high quality of the Roccoroma site.

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What changes SEO strategy will change of the 2020s

My Story in 2021

To rank a site in search results the first question I should understand is Roccoroma in Goshen NY: a catering or food delivery service, grocery store? All these products have not only different public audiences, and brand strategies, but also potential customers as well.

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