I’m Ruslan Smirnov.

How I Brand my Small Memorable, Visual SEO Studio Business?

I am a strategist of TTR LLC, from day to day also I am working with my own brand strategy, what do you think, my readers, what makes this brand name memorable to me? My work is based on a competitive analysis of products or services. Based on the target audience my goal develops an SEO and creative strategy, discover content marketing for future sites.

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About My design thinking career

How Design Thinking Works?

Discover a successful brand

As I remember the first time when I start working with creative branding strategy, during that time I work for Remindable Studio portfolio and search for a job as a creative strategist. I have more than 20 years of experience as the owner of an SEO studio. The idea to create a memorable brand came to me when I first arrived in the US these idea is only a part of my design thinking strategy

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I have more than 20 years of experience as the owner of an SEO studio, during that time I work with development of the creative strategies and business growth.   The idea to create a memorable brand came to me when I first arrived in the US these idea is only a part of my design thinking strategy

Design Thinking As a part of Creative Problem Solving Strategy

Of course, I understand life here is different than in my previous cultural setting, back in Russia. I was not prepared for life in the U.S. There are too many choices; job search is drastically different, too many opportunities but to learn how to realize them takes time and effort.

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My arts education

What is Design Thinking and What Make It So Popular?

I start my research with the job search. But what job can I do? I had no idea. The question of what I could do, what my values were, who am I, and what? These questions were swirling in my head. I graduated from the Art School at the Volgograd Pedagogical University, with a specialization in art and computer graphics. That's probably was one of the reasons I always work closely with web or graphic designers, as well as logo designers, so first, what design thinking jobs can I find ? I did was I joined the Art League and completed the UX design course in the General Assembly, understanding the values of creative problem-solving.

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Memorable Events

During my General Assembly course, I started developing brand my own Remindable brand design. That was the day when I start first researching how to create a memorable brand name for myself, as well designed my own brand identity.


The UX design inspired me to apply for UX design jobs, even now I see it was not the best choice. I didn’t realize then that there were 1000s UX designers out there looking for jobs. Many memorable memories show up based on the design thinking process I have.

Brands Building

In a creative team of the art league of New York, I drew branding images, of Goshen Public Library, and also create a logo, that's how I start searching for brand strategist jobs.

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How Might Practice Makes Me Perfect?

Life Is Memorable

Experience in fine art

My Discoveries While Searching for a Job

I started my job search with the idea of creating my job portfolio on Squarespace. I needed a platform that would reflect my views, my experience, and my web design and SEO expertise. The choice of a website and social media was very important. First, I set up my LinkedIn profile. In my view, LinkedIn is a perfect place for creating a social network and also for a job search.

My own life in 2020

That’s how I start generating ideas about what job I could do: 

  • I thought I can be a perfect design team member,
  • Even I am not the best website designer I know, from my point of view, my knowledge and experience in visual arts definitely will be helpful in many business strategic jobs.

About the brand  Best  of Social distance

The LinkedIN network helped me join the MeetUp groups and courses in NYC. That was a great experience for me meeting like-minded people, experienced UX designers, SEO specialists, and creative strategists. I enjoyed my trips to Manhattan, attending the MeetUp sessions. I came up with my own strategy – I called it FitBit creativity.

Is linkedin jobs available?

My own memorable background

My FitBit helped me track my trips to NYC, record and keep taking pictures of the streets, surroundings, people, and interactions. Probably these pictures can be a part of my own brand message.

Parallelly, I was looking for a platform for my portfolio. 

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