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This is how I am creating a brand’s story connecting piece of content in my Creative Brand Strategist portfolio site, with a strong understanding of SEO. You think you found a UX writer portfolio, or a content writer ? My profession has nothing to do with ux writing programs.  Even though I think the job of a Brand Strategist is not just about writing a content, or the same as a UX writer, my job is concentrating on strategies and goals.

Lets look in Google SEPT what SEO writing meaning: based on my knowledge of search engine optimization it is: “the process of ” SEO friendly writing a “content with the goal of ranking on the first page of search engines like Google”

I often use different SEO practices, as well as SEO copywriters  skills in my   blog post:

  • Even SEO content writing is not my job to be truthful, as research methods are the biggest part of my everyday job, I show how I was using them in the UX writing portfolios.

What is the role of a Brand storyteller or UX strategist?

What do you think a content design for a designer, everything depends on questions, which I always ask myself and only then a client:

  • Developing content and logo design for the Roccoroma store,
  • Market research, and content strategists for Roccoroma, Ms. Tennessee 

Understanding who my client is and what his/her business goals are is usually the first question I ask about target audiences. According to my job description, my specialization is more not about content creation  

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