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This is how I am creating a brand’s story connecting piece of content in my Creative Brand Strategist portfolio site, with a strong understanding of SEO. You think you found a UX writer portfolio, or a content writer ? My profession has nothing to do with ux writing programs.  Even though I think the job of a Brand Strategist is not just about writing a content, or the same as a UX writer, my job is concentrating on strategies and goals.

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My Brand storyteller WordPress portfolio examples

My creative director portfolio Content strategist portfolio SEO company portfolio What makes a logo memorable Great Brand Memorable Portfolio To start with, I am a Brand storyteller; now, I am learning WordPress and still mastering the Squarespace platform. I am designing my Creative Strategist portfolio Squarespace site; started working with my own SEO strategy. Looking

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We make the profession of brand storyteller important

Hire Me To Design Your SEO strategy Define Friday Facebook-f Instagram content creation Who am I, if I am not a person who responsibly develops and tells the stories of a brand to engage and connect with consumers; how do I connect pieces of content with any brand strategy? 845-415-2344 An Introduction to I the

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Are Fridays looking like an effective brand?

Explore marketing strategy of Memorable Design Goshen farm “Thank God it’s Friday” is one of the days our family usually goes to the local farmers market today, the best place where during the summer season, you can buy fresh produce in Goshen, NY. How to sell at local farmers’ markets: fresh food became so valuable

My role as a ‘content strategist’ at Remindable

Band identity design What is My Life as Brand Manager – Expectations vs Reality? As a content strategist at Roccoroma, my role is crucial in developing and implementing effective SEO content strategy. With the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it is more important than ever to have a solid content strategy in place. This involves

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Lets look in Google SEPT what SEO writing meaning: based on my knowledge of search engine optimization it is: “the process of ” SEO friendly writing a “content with the goal of ranking on the first page of search engines like Google”

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