An Artist Portfolio

That's how I start the design of my own artist portfolio websites, I start designing it using Wix website builder then redesign it using Squarespace.

I was excited to share my concept artist portfolio with today's world, that's how I started what art design ideas I should include in it?

no-more war

Beautiful Landing Page with Elements

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
It is a paradisematic country, in which

An Artists Making "Furniture":

On my portfolio website, find not just  art design by an SEO strategist, but also a graphic designer, and professional artist:

My own memorable art, and product design for interia, my question to the artist was what should be in a concept artist portfolio?

  • Some posters of artist shoes my perception of issues of social environment, 
  • My logo and web design 
  • An artist poster about the war in Ukraine and the Russian army. When Russia invades Ukraine in 2022; today's story looks different from the classics of Leo Tolstoy. Who are today's war and peace authors? Some of my artwork ideas about my life in the USA and how life changes.

t could be interesting to explore how the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 has changed the discourse of war and peace, and how the authors of today interpret and depict these changes in their writing.

Who is winning the war in 2022?

An unforgettable memories started when Russian attack Ukraine what looks like for me this Russian invasion?


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