What memorable moment I have from 2020s?

I am a problem solver by nature a long time ago I started working with search engine optimization; I am an SEO specialist because it was a time of Coved remote work become more popular. That's how I start solving problems, I found a job in Gary Indiana, one of my first remote SEO jobs. During these times remote jobs were very popular, these times I thought associated with words that are memorable in a good way. I thought most memorable moment of my life, applying to my SEO career, but I was mistaken, I do not what will happen on April 10, 2022, Ukraine war 2022 was started. 

Skerry to Think About Who is winning the war in 2022 ?

An unforgettable memory started when Russian attack Ukraine what looks like for me this Russian invasion? If it is possible to compare memorable moments of mine from 2020 to 2220 what were our memories about?

  • Because of the pandemic during the 2020s, many of us are staying home, that's why big events were canceled or were online. For example one of the memorable moments of the 2020s for me was hackathon website development, during president Joe Biden's election which was online also it was interesting to research. Compare to the war in Ukraine, pandemic times are not the biggest problem, now all news about the capital Kyiv and the Russian invasion of Ukraine
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