About Ukrainians and Russians

Such leaders as Mikhail Gorbachev, remind me of the time o the beginning of the Russian Federation as well, as the collapse of the Soviet Union. During that time no one even think how many Russian Soldiers will died in Ukraine today


And now after the war in Ukraine started, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s speech reminds us, how to travel back to the USSR again. Putin’s speech today, when the 2023 New Year started, described Ukrainians and Russians, as well as Eastern Ukraine as part of Russia, describing me differently from back in the USSR meaning. That’s how “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles reminds me of those days and my childhood when we spent at the Black Sea; and now when I work as Strategist in the United States I am still asking myself how did Soviet Union, the largest country fall?

the fall of the soviet union

According to Google SEPT main reason is “growing unrest in the Union's various constituent national republics” , right now we have the same “conflict between” Ukraine “central government”


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