Searching for Smiles: When Will I See You Smile Again?

see you at the movies

When I see you smile it makes me cry

My understanding quote see you at the movies:   what do the words from the film Avatar “I see you” meaning, is it when touching your hand you are Smiling? I think the author is trying to say that when two people make eye contact, it creates a special and meaningful connection.

I even do not remember when I saw you smile last time, even the smile on the face of the world; smile, its sunnah; It seems like too long ago when I offered my life that I can recall the feeling of true joy in my heart when I received a smile from another person.

If I see you at the movies, what will the film be about; will it be a story of James Cameron, or a song by Leona Lewis?

What film Avatar I see you mean “Oel ngati kameie,” as you’d say in Na’vi.

The quote from the philosophical film Avatar when caricature say what does i see you mean: it means “I see the love and your feelings and your soul and you mean everything to me.”



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