Todays Strategic Planning

Think about why people abbreviate strategic dates as well as memorable moments and Getty images of our life? For example, think about the abbreviation the Covid-19 pandemic, in the United States, we thought that nothing could be worse than a pandemic time;

Analysis of Pandemic Strategies

When I just came to the United State,  all people spoke before on social media about the presidential election of President Donald Trump, so what’s the reminder, how Ukraine war of 2022s reminds you reality during a pandemic?

My own meaning of reminder starts today, during today's reality all about Russia Ukrainian war, the meaning of reminder looks differently after the 2020s started.

Looks like compared to the 2021 moments nothing predicts the war in Ukraine, some of us congratulate Joe Biden on winning, to say the truth even strategic thinkers like me do not think what's happening with Russia and Ukraine at the begging of the 2022s.

for me it's memorable

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