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Why do you think my readers this week are memorable in a sentence if it’s just my memorable memories of the first 3 days? All stats from TGi Fridays, we spend more than a year at home because the pandemic started; but from Monday till nearest Friday I spend at Gary Indiana my new work. 

Our memorable day

Such A Memorable day

I work as an SEO Strategist at TTR LLC. This day of my life I will remember for a long time, unforgettable moments, new places, and my first work in the USA. This Monday is my first trip; WOW, what so “impress and excite” me greatly during the trip to Gary Indiana? What is the meaning of Wow, you think I see here, and why do I want to see at Gary Indiana truck stop? Week Over Week I research, and dream of seeing Gary Indiana airport, eating some tacos in a Taco Bell fast food, but my flight from Newark to Chicago.  First I saw as soon as the plane landed at Chicago international airport. There were a lot of people even on the 3 floors, of an airport.  My ride from Chicago to Gary Indiana took about 30 minutes. But it was an interesting talk and a memorable time.

a memorable one day

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In A Way From Chicago to Gary:

For me, it was an unforgettable day, a memorable experience when I first saw Chicago airport, the first memorable night at the hotel, as well as other memorable moments. Many memorable images show up in my eyes, memorable occasions, and interesting people.  On the way to the company office I remember some one thing in a song “With Or Without”. I think maybe that is what the WOW acronym means in the business world. According to research downtown Chicago, one of the cities known for its amazingly tall buildings, skyscrapers, and wonderful exciting bridges. I do not need to research hotels near Gary In, the firm where I work with a booked room at Hilton Merrillville 3-star hotel which is 15 minutes away from my work. The first night was a memorable scene when I opened the doors in my room.

Not Gary Indiana Truck Stop

Not TA Gary

not way home
Not Kavkaz

These days were enjoyable and memorable. My first memorable day at work, a company I work with is a commercial truck and trailer repair, also has a truck tires wholesale shop. So nearest truck tire shop, just 15 minutes away from a company, TA at Gary IN. I do not know a lot about truck repair, but for now, I need to start Facebook and Instagram wholesale truck tires. But I thought this would be the target audience of the advertisement, especially the goal of SEO research.

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