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As an SEO specialist, I work with two CMS as Strategist WordPress and Squarespace comparing Squarespace vs WordPress SEO tips, my job understands the benefits. Of course, my work with a truck tire repair shop, is not just about, keyword research, every CMS has different benefits such as gorgeous design or tools to make your site SEO friendly or E-commerce solutions.


That’s how I become an SEO strategist when the Pandemic started. I work as a member of a Squarespace Circle, my work is described a lot in my portfolio.

big truck tire repair page

Of course, when you work with sites of small businesses you see how Squarespace is helpful, to make a site portfolio or blog, it is the best. 

 But to speak about the E-commerce of Squarespace the options of sale look really limited.

Using unfold squarespace

Compare Feachers

Right now I start a new remote SEO job with Truck & Trailer Repairs LLC as an SEO expert I start designing a  WordPress website of company services: 

  • As a truck and trailer repair shop, my customer site structure is based on categories pages such as truck drag link, or semi repair, and online stores of new truck tires and wheels, and the permalink structure of  WordPress posts and pages. Build a website on Squarespace basically, I have a butterfly-made website builder and free web hosting.  
  • As an SEO plugin on my portfolio as well as clients’ sites I use rank math PRO to rank higher WordPress websites. This plugin helps work with ranking factors of page results, such as meta descriptions, SERP, XML sitemap. As well this plugin helps to find broken links on the site. I need to think about what my SERP results possibly?  People who are competent in search engine optimization usually know what SERP stands for, if you are not let’s look at Google’s first results.

Google and Mailchimp describe this term as: “organic search results, search engine results pages (SERPs)” including usually paid results in search.

  • Because I work with an eCommerce site let’s look for CMS payment options, the  Squarespace PayPal, the option connect the site with a bank account; famous WordPress e-Commerce plugin is WooCommerce

Squarespace Version Comparison

WordPress theme- because  WordPress is free by default,  professionally designed themes have a free version with small functionality. Premium versions, you need to buy.  Incase of Squarespace templates, all templates have gorgeous designs.  Many Squarespace 7.1 templates are free by default, with easy optimization search engine results pages. Buying themes and plugins in Squarespace 7.1 you pay for CSS customisation.

To bring organic traffic to the result pages, first, I need to change WordPress permalink settings, defining permalink as: “ permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog”

What does a strategist do in Gary, Indiana?

Squarespace 7.1

Even though I work with WordPress SEO optimization, my job is not just to optimise a site structure, it’s also not about SEO tips, and internal linking. What result do I need as an SEO strategist ? The word SEO friendly is the main characteristic of my work. To rank higher Plain permanent structure which is used in WordPress sites as default does not give an opportunity to optimise your WordPress sites. If you look at settings permalinks, by default we have such settings as your domain/ settings /?p=123 every site has different keawords structure, regularly settings changing to Day and name. Which gives me a way to optimize blog posts urls sistem.



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