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What Life Lesson Did I learn during Ramadan as an Artist?

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Ramadan or Warhol Quotes ideas

Looks like every day, I am still learning to live again, in a different world. What does “memorable” mean and what are synonyms? Lets look to my example which I started  work as graphic designer, and SEO consultant. As I remember during 2020s I started work with artist website,  as a WordPress SEO consultant. Keyword research of artist site I start from  quotes Andy Warhol;

I thoggt my life is mixed, like Andy Warhol’s famous quote: “Everyone needs a fantasy”, but life in the 2020s is not a fantasy at all..

Memorable Synonyms and Antonyms in My Life:

It looks like during the 2020s the word “memorable” is not just an act, as an act of memorization happens in life without my efforts. Even the background of the SEO experts, looks like not important, during 2020s. A long time ago I was impressed by the art world of Andy Warhol, but the pop art movement looks different to me after the 2020s started. During 2020s all social media, as well as open source are advertising masks and sunetisers.  It looks like not so long ago I came to the United States, and started my design and art portfolio websites, with the purpose of finding a website design job. That’s how I did it; after I finished my User Experience courses in the General Assembly, first, I started my research on website builders.

My own flight

Website builders Reserch:

Based on the understanding that I needed to show my skills and value to work online as a Brand storyteller, or SEO specialist, that’s how I found Squarespace as a tool. The first job was actually an online store, I was happy it was my first potential client, only later did I realize that Squarespace can’t work as a site builder, for such type of a client, even though I loved it. So, I figured it could be a perfect opportunity to grow a work showcasing website or an artist portfolio, or even a visual arts online store, or a site for art classes, or a teacher’s website. That’s how I started to research issues for the Roccoroma online store, as a great solution I found a WordPress platform and Elementor pro site builder, as well as a Rank Math PRO plugin. That’s how  I started learning WordPress right in the middle of the Pandemic time, as well as made my own portfolio site, and started developing the site for artist Blagoslavova Elena

Ramadan or Warhol Quotes ideas

I have an MA in fine art and have had several exhibitions during my life in Russia, and featured some works in the local art league.

Because I started my research right in the middle of the Pandemic time every issue has become my own memorable experience. During these days I remember my own memorable proposal ideas for my portfolio site.

My own Friday marvel
My own seo job

Right before I started building Elena’s portfolio site, a plugin Elementor pro advertised a discount option, that’s how  I actually started using Eementor PRO discounts, which was quite memorable. Right now I see all storytelling of my branding based on synonyms of memorable term.

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commercial artist and WordPress Joomla drupal comparison

How does art educate us during the 2020s?

That’s how I have been developing an artist portfolio website: I started comparing Andy Warhol’s art style, and Elena’s artworks, and I have found category connections. Based on my own memorable moments and quotes during the 2020s, his quote sounds tough:

That’s how I have been developing an artist portfolio website: I started comparing Andy Warhol’s art style and Elena’s artworks, and I have found category connections.

like Andy Warhol's

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” My life is not like Coca-Cola can, or bottle, life not commercial in a way.


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