How to start Ramadan if you are Strategist?

As a brand strategist, my work involves understanding brand strategies and communicating with graphic designers; the essence of a brand to its audience. When the pandemic hit, it forced many of us to rethink our approach to marketing and communication. It was a challenging time, but it also presented new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Memorable Month

During Ramadan 2020, I found myself fasting and designing from home. It was a unique experience that helped me understand the true value of community and the support of God. As the pandemic continued, it became clear that life would never be the same. But even amid uncertainty, I remained committed to my work as a brand strategist, become a Squarespace designer, and continued to learn and grow.

My own ramadan in 2021

One of the things I focused on during the pandemic was developing my skills as a web designer, start designing a concept artist portfolio; developing a new project with artist Elena Blagoslavova I began by learning the ins and outs of Squarespace, a particularly well-suited platform for small business sites. As I gained more experience, I began to explore other platforms, such as WordPress and Elementor Pro. I wanted to be ready for anything, and I knew that having a versatile set of skills would be critical to my success as a brand strategist.

Ramadan of brand manager

But it wasn’t just about building websites. I also spent a lot of time researching and developing my understanding of SEO. I knew that to be truly effective as a brand strategist, I needed to have a deep understanding of how search engines work and what makes content rank. I studied long-tail keywords, researched my own organic traffic, and worked with SEO agencies to develop effective strategies for my clients.

Of course, the pandemic presented its unique challenges. Many businesses were struggling to survive, and the usual channels for marketing and communication were no longer viable. But I was determined to find a way to help my clients succeed, even amid uncertainty. I worked on developing content marketing strategies for local stores, creating effective SEO strategies for clients, and using social media to connect with audiences in new ways.

the memorable moment of Mine 2020s

About the Pandemic

As Ramadan 2021 approached, I reflected on the past year and what I had learned. It had been a difficult and challenging year but also a time of growth and learning. I had developed new skills, gained a deeper understanding of SEO and digital marketing, and learned how to be more creative and innovative in the face of adversity.

But even as I looked forward to the future, I knew that the pandemic was far from over. As I write this, news of war in Ukraine dominates the headlines. It’s a reminder that we live in a constantly changing world and must be prepared to adapt to new circumstances. As a brand strategist, my job is to help my clients navigate these changes and find new ways to connect with their audiences. It’s a challenging task, but it’s also one that I find deeply rewarding.

In conclusion, the pandemic has changed how we live and work, and as brand strategists, we must be prepared to adapt to these changes. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, but it’s also important to remember the value of community and connection. As we move forward, we must remain committed to our work and to the people we serve. Only by working together can we create a brighter future for ourselves and for those around us.

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