How to start Ramadan if you are Strategist?

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Get moving Through 2021

To tell the truth, I was enjoying my life as a Creative Strategist when the 2020s started, that’s how I started my creative strategist portfolio: what is a brand strategist job or for UX designers?

My own memorable day

My ovn memorable occasion

Memorable Month

 This month reminds me of the memorable time of Ramadan 2020, because this year almost changed our life in the United States. I can’t say that I was very well used to life in the United States, because of my background! But during the time of the Pandemic, the mindset was life-changing during this holy month in the Pandemic. 

My Life:

My Memories :

Only a year ago for me, it looked like I was living in a world of ample choices.  When you leave such a place, it’s hard to understand the value of the support of God, the community we used to live in before the Pandemic started. But a memorable experience of fasting at home alone and watching brothers and sisters online during Ramadan, on the screen of my Apple MacBook, really changed my understanding of the values of this life. How do you think my relationship with family members and the days of Ramadan during the Pandemic changes my understanding and life? 

As I remember, as soon as I came to the United States and started searching for a job in a different culture, it was unusual how fast everything was changing. When I just came to the United States we lived in Chestnut Ridge Rd. in a village not far from the mosque with my brother and his family.  For me, I thought it was like a paradise, spending time with my brother’s family, praying, and breaking fast during Ramadan in the mosque. During the first month of Ramadan, I spent time in this mosque, but what is Ramadan 2021 for us was it different? Only now can I understand how valuable fasting is during Ramadan, shared with family and friends. After we moved to Goshen, NY, my second Ramadan in the United States went on there.

the memorable moment of Mine 2020s

About the Pandemic

It’s spring and the month of Ramadan 2021 is here already; a year has passed like one day. Naturally, it was a hard and horrible year for many of us. I`m reviewing what my work, which started in the Pandemic year of 2020, looks like now:

  • For me, it looks like I am learning to live again in a different reality of the Pandemic time. It looks like I am still sleeping, days are the same, it’s hard to say whether this life is enjoyable and memorable; when I wake up the next morning, it seems as if I’m still going through the same day. I’m still training my skills in Squarespace and also learning the WordPress platform and Elementor Pro. Even though I am not a Squarespace web designer, I know a lot about Squarespace Design and SEO, as well as WordPress. I think Ramadan 2020 was the hardest month for me because we all stayed at home during the Pandemic time. Nightly prayers were available only online at that moment, many of us just fasting, and praying from sunrise to sunset looked easy, but it was not, believe me. Many of us even had to spend Laylat al Qadr, the Night of Power, at home at that moment. What is Ramadan during the 2020s? Do you know what it is like to fast for 29 or 30 days, when you’re supposed to do the social distancing?
  • It looks like for me in the Pandemic life my graphic designer skills are not important these days, life changes for many of us, I am training my skills, and trying to find out how to live this new life. 
  • I realize that the Squarespace platform works great, with small business sites, many of these businesses are struggling these days. That’s why I  am not only training my skills and finding my way to solve Squarespace issues, I am also learning and researching how to work with the WordPress platform.  

Good deed the way of God

Coming Back to Ramadan:

Speaking about this Ramadan, which has just started, even thought it’s still different for me, I`m looking forward to 2020s. It looks like we still live together in this world. These days I’m still developing my portfolio sites, and I have also started developing a new project with artist Elena Blagoslavova. I am building a site for her, as well as a logo design and tagline idea.

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