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To start with, I am a Brand storyteller; now, I am learning WordPress and still mastering the Squarespace platform. I am designing my Creative Strategist portfolio Squarespace site; started working with my own SEO strategy. Looking forward to the daily routine during a Pandemic time, I realize how my life changes; I usually start with SEO competitor research. These days Squarespace offers Squarespace Circle benefits.

I start my day with the memorable quote from Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

If to connect inline the most memorable moments of my usual day: My day usually starts at 4.30 or 5 A. M, when many of us are still slipping, for me, it is the best time for thinking and planning SEO research with Semrush tools. From 5 A.M till 6.30 or 7 A.M I usually have enough to do, reading, researching, comparing. After 7.00 the day begins; an hour or two usual full-body workout for mom and dogs, just regular dogs work.
I can’t say generally; I regularly try to be in shape but, looking forward to my own Monday through Friday workout routine: For example, yesterday was Friday, I hope today will be the first trip to New York after a year, staying at home during the Pandemic time.

So I dreamed about a memorable weekend in NYC, as well as a happy Friday day because of that. Truthfully, that's how before the Pandemic stars, Friday was my favorite spatial day. I usually find the reason to say Thank God it’s Friday; that’s how Fridays became my memorable day before the Pandemic. When the Pandemic started, many of my Fridays were the same as any other day.

What’s now, this I almost realize it looks like for me I am sleeping, how life is changing. My days are the same; only seasons and weekdays are changed in my life as a designer or even a Strategist.

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Even though I planned to spend my weekend in Manhattan, NY, the reality is different; I spend this day with people I love, with my family. Friday was a valuable day.  I started designing my own WordPress site and learned a lot about content management systems, that’s I started SEO competitor analysis, comparing WordPress vs Squarespace

P.S. My portfolio WordPress website, as well as Squarespace,  according to my research,  it’s fastly growing in search results.

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