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Create a High Performed UI/UX Design from a Silicon Valley.

I usually start connecting points of my research on Friday morning. Why do you think the meaning of TGiF changed for me when the Pandemic started?  

To start with, I want to share my first experience as an SEO strategist in the United States when I helped with the research for the Hudson Valley Tech Festival. It was held on Friday IN October 2019, I started work with Orange County SEO altho with user experience, and web design.  My background is in digital marketing, and search engine optimization SEO as well as I am an artist.

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Because of my background, I work more with the site of the Open Hub, then with the ideas of Tech Festival itself. At that time I worked more as an SEO consultant, my job was comparing sites of  HV Tech festival to the sites of other events around, and researching why organic keywords were not growing in search engines? It was interesting to work with those concepts and research the keywords.


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Friday morning

 studied competitive Hackathons sites around the area of Newburgh, analyzing the difference. Even at that time in Orange County, it was not possible to find competitive sites.


Friday morning

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As a long term goal, I chose types of keywords like: hackathons around me, hackathons near me, UX hackathon NYC, UX strategist jobs


My internet marketing

What SEO Skills Do You Need to Improve my Portfolio

Who is a content strategist, and what is the content strategist job description?

Acodin to a Google SEPT a person who “developing a content strategy based on a company's or client's business objectives and a customer's or end user's needs.” you think it he/she create content, no it’s a job of project management, or copywriter.

Ruslan Smirnov (Remindable) Strategist based on : Tweet

What is local SEO in the 2020s?

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How to Create  roll to red  an Effective SEO Strategy When World in Pandemic?


As I remember as usual March Friday, now I am wondering how the life can change in one day.  I came from NYC, and on that day I had a job interview with one of many  SEO companies. Only later I understood how our life changed:


  • All Fridays we are home, right now I even forgot how every week I was looking for a job in Manhattan NY. If we research from the point of public transportation to Manhattan NYC before the pandemic every 2 hours I could catch a bus from Goshen NY, right now if you look at a schedule we have only 2 buses.  
  • In our real-life we have also a lot of changes: 
  1. For example, Alan’s Falafel restaurant is our family’s favorite place, serving food to go, at a social distance. All personnel are in face-covering masks but we still order food to go from the menu and eat it at home or at a social distance.
  2. Goshen farmers market was a favorite place during the summer season, usually, open until Thanksgiving, we wondered why the second Friday it is closed, 
  3. Woodbury commons stores just start reopening.
  4. ?
  5. This year was the first time I was participating in the auction of Painted Trotters. Unfortunately, my work was sold online, and the regular event was canceled. 
  6. Local and organic search results still work, but act very differently right now, sometimes I think we live in an internet reality. 
  • Before the pandemic, I understood why we needed responsive design on mobile devices.  Explain why? Right now we are at home and we use computers more and more.
  • Before the pandemic every restaurant in Manhattan NYC had benefited from SEO, now not many restaurants are advertising right now.
  • Before the pandemic, I was wondering how growing sites were based on Content strategies, now ads work more and more. 
  • Local near me results still work, but many of these results are not possible right now. Schema markup and SEPT fiches work very differently.

 For example, all local events became virtual! For example, Goshen Art League now has an online exhibition, Hudson Valley Tech Festival, a week ago was an online Hack event.

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In our real-life we have also a lot of changes: 

My Call-To-Action Examples Help you with?

As for me, right when the Pandemic started I started developing a site for the local store RoccoRoma.


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