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What is My Life as Brand Manager - Expectations vs Reality?

Thank God it’s Friday, one more weekend; I work as a brand strategist of Roccoroma’s local food store and catering service and searching for content strategist jobs.  Right now, I am redesigning the site, designing brand identity elements of the store, and working with a new brand identity, other visual elements, and my portfolio strategy. 

Even though I am not a user-experience UX writing  specialist, I started  working with a content strategy portfolio:

Content strategy in UX design

Researching the target audience of the Roccoroma store, I thought about Friday’s brand personality. I started thinking about content design on Friday as well as working with graphic design, and brand management, creates content for my portfolio.

Define content strategy as: work which “focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Content not only includes the words on the page but also the images” not actual copyrigting job as motht of my clients thought thats how I started work as a UX content strategist.

tGi Roccoroma

My Fryday

The first part of Fridays is usually busy; Rikky Roccoromas, chef prepares food for the deli menu; usually Friday special is chicken or shrimp,  tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese. Right now, everything is screwed up with the Pandemic; for local businesses’ top priority to survive, many of us have started selling food and services online or even temporarily closed these locations. Because of that, many of us spend Fridays with family because we spend time at home not early to work with the SEO content strategy; 

 Not only to support local businesses but also to buy mushrooms, olive oil, and of course, fresh basil, every Friday morning, our family starts at the local farmers market. Later in the day, my mother and stepfather cooked delicious breakfast, and I am working with Roccoroma site and menu as well as a branding strategy. Of course, this Friday is really different for all of us. 

Body Modification

I never guessed before the Coved-19 I fully understand what the value of a brand strategist job is. 

Right now Manhattan NYC is not the best place, before, as I remember because I lived in Goshen NY, I spent this day in a city, with friends at an SEO meetup, working with my Remindable brand strategist portfolio, preparing for my next job interview.

    What makes TGiF Sandwich Special ?

    My Own memorable experience

    This job in reality was very different from what we find in definitions on Google, or in books about branding and SEO, based on the brand strategy job description: it’s not about working under a “marketing team to ensure a consistent, with effective brand message”

    When you have a marketing team and do not work under pressure during Pandemic time, it is very easy to solve all the branding problems we have when we work from home. And now, when each one of us tries to track coronavirus covid-19 cases every Friday morning closely, I say WOW to every little result that we do as a team with our families when we are at home; how possible to build a strong brand identity, as well as SEO content marketing strategy in this reality?

    When I started building brand identification and logo design of Roccoroma, designing it based on a long-term plan for a pandemic.


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