How we will Trick-or-treating in 2020?

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Halloween night is around the corner! In my view, because the Pandemic created a long summer Halloween parade. People and children are in face-covering masks, creating a crowd of characters in costumes like during Halloween.

Just canceled halloween

Why Trick Or Treaters Canceled?

After I finished User Experience design courses, I looked at the profession of visual designer differently. For me, the design process applied to the site of RoccoRoma, as well as scary events near me.

Even though I am not a User Experience (UX) designer for the RoccoRoma store, now, in the time of the Pandemic, I have a lot to do to fix the problems of the client branding. Ideally, such holidays as Halloween help to increase sales. Coronavirus makes a difference even in local usual life. Why?

Our story

I came up with a few reasons.

  1. Because of the Pandemic, all public events are canceled or suspended; even on usual days local cafes and ice cream places look prepared for the Halloween parties. For example: at the door of my favorite Cafe Yen and at the local Ice Cream place, I see a hand sanitizer, and all costumes and workers are in masks. You can see posters and hear popular happy songs, advertising not coffee places but social distancing. The only change in the menu is Pumpkin spice Ice cream and coffee. This year I work in tandem with Roccoroma food store; as a strategist, I will suggest making some changes to the Italian deli catering menu. The problem is not to increase sales but to propose a new site I am redesigning as ui designer . For example, olives, or fresh fruits of tomatoes in pizza, or potato salad could look like spiders, mamas RoccoRoma souse, or
  2. I hope parents will not allow children to trick or treat on Halloween 2020; even though I love this local event, I understand it is dangerous right now. But posters that I designed this year for Cafe Yen and Roccoroma will perfectly look at the doors and Remindable brand strategist portfolio site. 


What about Your Halloween events ?

Italian deli menu

We appreciate the special holiday's menu: I took a sandwich with lettuce and tomato, spicy pepper, and roast beef. celebrating Halloween at home.

halloween meme

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